Monday, April 30, 2012

Evanston Neighborhood Specialist

Hiring a Buyer's Agent Who Specializes in Your Neighborhood

Hiring an Evanston Neighborhood Specialist

Buying a home involves spending more money than most buyers have ever spent in their lives. When significant amounts of money are at risk, it makes more sense to hire an experienced real estate agent who has first-hand knowledge of Evanston.
Think about this: if you were being unjustly sued, would you hire Uncle Joe from one town over who just passed the bar exam, or would you hire an aggressive local lawyer who annually wins dozens of cases just like yours and goes to lunch with the judge?
Sometimes buyers hire agents who work outside of an area. Working with an agent who doesn't have intimate knowledge of the Evanston neighborhoods can hurt a buyer. For example, here are 12 pieces of crucial information that an Evanston neighborhood specialist will undoubtedly know, whereas an out-of-area real estate agent may not:
  • History of Evanston neighborhood homes, who owned them and when
  • Which Evanston homes were previously on the market outside of MLS data
  • What makes some homes on a street worth more than others
  • Which Evanston streets are considered desirable and which are not
  • Neighborhood nuisances and their influence on value
  • Special retrofits exclusive to the community
  • How to accurately price homes and determine specific values
  • Which Evanston agents take listings at market and who takes overpriced listings
  • Listing agent's reputations and how to negotiate with certain Evanston agents
  • Pending legislation or neighborhood enforcement of Evanston regulations
  • How to get inside information from Evanston listing agents, because they know each other
  • New Evanston inventory that is not yet on the market but coming
Buyers deserve complete disclosure and to receive pertinent information that often only a neighborhood specialist can provide. Neighborhood specialists know which home inspections should be performed that are particular to the area, and they can refer local inspectors and contractors.
If you are considering buying a home in Evanston, let us know.  Our team of agents will be happy to assist you whether you are buying or selling.

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