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The Top 10 Home Improvement Projects for Chicago North Shore Homes

Home sales along Chicago’s North Shore can tend to be competitive, especially in today’s buyers market.  Whether you need to sell your home in Evanston, Wilmette or any of the other North Shore communities, making updates can give your home the extra boost it needs to stand out to North Shore buyers.
Given all of the current renovation tv shows and trends, it can seem overwhelming to know where to start in bringing your home up to date for today’s Chicago North Shore Real Estate market.  It could be that you’re not even considering selling your home right now, but you want to make sure that any updates you make on your home bring about the return on investment that you desire.  So where do you begin?
We’ve gathered the top ten projects within various categories that will help you determine the best renovation or update to tackle for your home.  While you may have the time and funds to complete all of these projects; many sellers will just want to pick out a few that can instantly boost their Chicago North Shore home’s value.  Take a few minutes to review the list and see which projects will most benefit you and the sale of your home.
1. Top Budget Friendly Project: Clean and Conquer Clutter- If you're on a tight budget, cleaning and de-cluttering is by far the most cost-effective way to add value to your Chicago North Shore home. A clean and clutter-free home looks larger and more livable and makes a great first impression on homebuyers.
2. Top Energy Efficient Project: Add Insulation- Energy-efficient upgrades have two advantages: they add value to your home, and they save you money in the long run. The most inexpensive way to increase your home's energy efficiency is to add insulation. Proper insulation can reduce heating and cooling costs as much as 30 percent and make a home feel more comfortable; which is especially nice during the chilly Chicago winters!
3. Top Outdoor Structure Project: Build a Fence- Adding a fence to your property can enhance its appearance, give you extra privacy and add value to your home overall. If you're trying to sell your home, buyers with children or pets will appreciate this addition. Wood and stone are two popular options, but before you start buying supplies, visit your Chicago North Shore community website for local zoning codes and homeowners association rules. 
4. Top Big Ticket Project: Finish the Basement- If you're willing to take on a major remodeling project, finishing your basement can add value and more usable space to your Chicago North Shore home. It's a far more cost-effective way to add living space than adding on a whole new room.
5. Top Home Exterior Project: Repair Gutters- While they're certainly not a home's most exciting feature, gutters should be at the top of your list of exterior updates. Gutters keep the rest of your home's exterior -siding, windows, foundation and doors -free from water damage, so maintaining them is crucial to maintaining your Chicago North Shore home overall.
6. Top Outdoor Living Project: Add Outdoor Lighting- Adding outdoor living space to your home is almost like adding square footage, and more square footage equals more value in your Chicago North Shore home. If you have a patio or deck that doesn't get much use, start making it more welcoming by adding lighting. This will instantly create a space to entertain well into the evening!
7. Top Landscaping Project: Tidy Up Your Lawn- When it comes to adding value to your home, curb appeal is key. A patchy lawn looks sloppy and detracts from your North Shore home’s overall appearance. Before you take on any major landscaping projects, start small by getting your lawn in shape. Reseed any bad areas and have the soil tested for any chemicals needed for healthy grass.
8. Top Storage & Organization Project: Maximize Storage Space- Real estate professionals agree that ample storage space tops most homebuyers' wish lists. If your home has a large garage and walk-in closets, you're in great shape. If not, you can make the most of the storage space you do have with organizers. Adding organizers will create a more custom and attractive appeal to your home.
9. Top Bathroom Project: Refresh Fixtures- Little changes go a long way when it comes to bathroom updates. Simply replacing old fixtures and hardware can give an outdated bathroom a stylish, contemporary look. If you want to go one step further, consider updating your sink or vanity.
10. Top Kitchen Project: Upgrade Appliances- The kitchen is one room where upgrades almost always bring a large return on investment in the Chicago North Shore Real Estate market. However, you don't have to gut your kitchen and tackle a major remodel to add value. One way to improve your kitchen is to simply replace your old appliances. Stainless steel is the current standard, but you don't have to buy the commercial-quality Viking range or the most expensive Sub-Zero refrigerator. Any updated appliances will look better, run better, and give your kitchen more appeal.
We hope that whatever home project you take goes well and that it gives you the boost needed to get your Chicago North Shore home sold!  Of course we’re here to help as well!  Our team of experienced Chicago North Shore Real Estate agents know the ins and outs of what buyers are looking for in North Shore homes and can give you the tools that will ensure your home gets sold in a timely and efficient manner!
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